Chris Mattos - Tax Adviser Stroud
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The focus on business tax compliance has reached new levels as the OECD consider tax reporting of the multi-nationals. Unsurprisingly such multi-nationals have large specialist tax teams to comply with taxation obligations but why shouldn’t you? This is what we do for our business clients – become their tax team.

For small owner managed businesses we provide a full taxation service which includes the completion and submission of the annual tax return (and related accompanying accounts) and dealing with payroll (including P11Ds) and VAT obligations. We also offer our clients an annual tax review which looks at the operation of their remuneration.

For larger businesses, we provide an employment focused service, this involves dealing with payroll, P11Ds and the key employees tax returns. We find that an advantage of this service is that we are able to provide advice independent from the company’s advisers for the key employees and shareholders.

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