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Tax tips from the Tax Dog


The Tax Dog is a much-loved member of the Chris Mattos Tax team. Having worked with Chris for many years he has learnt all about tax. He thinks that most humans overcomplicate tax and is a huge fan of tax simplification. The Tax Dog regularly encounters misunderstanding from his friends down the pub, Know-it-all and Copy Cat, and is able to guide them down the right path.


Meet the cast ...

  Tax Dog: Just loves explaining complicated tax scenarios.


Tax Dog: just loves explaining complicated tax scenarios.

  Know-it-all: Thinks he knows everything about tax, but as we will see "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing".
  Copy Cat: Thinks everything that Know-it-all says will be the same for him, which isn't always the case!

Issues so far:

Friday 16th May: Pension withdrawal rules                      

Friday 9th May: Late Tax reclaims

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